Literacy through Literature

Literacy through Literature, a professional development module for teachers, is organized by the US Embassy’s Book Bus in partnership with Quixote’s Cove, a bookshop that actively engages with the community in order to promote art and literature. During the year-long program, teachers are empowered to successfully design reading lessons, adopt participatory and inclusive teaching methodologies and restructure their classroom’s physical spaces.

Classroom demonstrations as well as classic pedagogical articles are used to conduct regular workshops aimed at engaging teachers and generating discussions. Children will be assessed on a regular basis and matched with appropriate books in order to foster a deep love for reading.

The program is conducted in four different phases, although there have been adaptations based on the needs of participating schools.

Phase I: Preliminary Sessions

Big ideas related to literacy and storytelling will be introduced. Sessions will involve readings and discussions around broader educational ideas as well as ideas more specific to literacy. Teachers are expected to set aside reading time at home, provide writing reflections and come to sessions prepared to participate. Teachers will also learn about various components of literacy such as Independent Reading and Reading Levels.

Phase II: Classroom Demonstrations and Observations

Teachers will observe a couple of classroom demonstrations during this phase. They will get a chance to critique and reflect on the demonstrations. Teachers will be encouraged to plan so that they can begin to implement these new ideas in their classrooms. Interested teachers will also be observed and provided feedback.

Phase III: Implementations and Reflections

Teachers will be supported to design and implement lessons during this phase, with a focus on mini-lessons and small groups. Various formative assessments and one-one-one conferences will also be discussed.

Phase IV: Additional Support and Continued Assessments

During this final phase, teachers will be encouraged to reflect on their learning as well as on their students’ growth. The Book Bus will continue to provide support by visiting classrooms and conducting assessments as well as workshops.

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Literacy Through Literature Literacy Through Literature
Literacy Through Literature Literacy Through Literature