Thinkshop, Lifelong Learning

Originally conceptualized by Quixote’s Cove, ThinkShop: Lifelong Learning is an intensive short-term course meant for college students. The course has been designed to develop students’ reading comprehension, writing abilities and critical thinking skills. Students will read a diverse collection of literary fiction and nonfiction. The reading list is adapted every year but priority is given to articles written by Nepali writers (those who write in English as well as translations of Nepali-language articles). Students are expected to come to class prepared to discuss and share their ideas. In addition, students will attempt writing exercises.

Structure and methodology

ThinkShop is usually conducted in five or six intensive sessions that require at least 12 hours of in-class time and an additional 10 hours of out of class time from all participants. Each session will be a combination of a seminar and small group work. Participants are expected to contribute their thoughts and ideas, respond to other classmates, and engage in discussions. Additionally, participants will also spend some in-class time reading and writing individually.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, students are expected to

  1. Compare, contrast and analyze texts
  2. Synthesize and communicate independent perspectives
  3. Work independently and in collaboration with others

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