Sunday Sessions with Prateebha,
Episode 5

Discussion on issues faced by the LGBTQIA+ community and the importance of writing and education on creating a shift in understanding. For more episodes of Sunday Sessions with Prateebha, check out Quixote's Cove

Rethinking Education Through the
Arts - KT2077 Kurakani #3

A talk about the interconnections between arts and education. For more Kurakani episodes as well as other related videos on the contemporary art scene, check out
Kathmandu Triennale

Conversation with Illustrator
Bandana Tulachan

This talk was part of the Tharu Picture Books Launch Festival. For more conversations with writers and artists, check out KathaSatha

Read Alouds

Making Read-Alouds Diverse and Inclusive

A year after launching Katha4Nepal, many parts of Nepal are under another lockdown. During uncertain times, it's even more important to engage meaningfully with young children. We are grateful to our community members for sharing stories and joining our efforts to engage children. We would now like to encourage our readers to be more conscious about the content and characters in their stories. Do the stories have a fair portrayal of diverse peoples, cultures, genders, lifestyles and languages? Are we having proper conversations with young people regarding problems and challenges in our society? For other Read Alouds for children, check out Katha4Nepal

Making Read-Alouds Effective

As part of our educational series on Read-Alouds, we bring you our second video that shares strategies and tips: "Making Read-Alouds Effective." Our intention is to engage and support teachers and caretakers seeking to make the most out of their Read-Aloud sessions with young people. Do share these videos with your network to help us promote reading culture. We are always open to feedback and opportunities for further collaboration. This initiative is supported by Let's Read Asia. For other Read Alouds for children, check out Katha4Nepal

When Read-Alouds Raise Complex Issues

The third video of our educational series is a more detailed demonstration of a Read Aloud lesson. Anchored by the picture book "Julian is a Mermaid" in which a young boy explores femininity, this reading lesson nudges adults to grapple with complex issues such as gender roles and expectations: What are your values? What is your stance? For other Read Alouds for children, check out Katha4Nepal

Educational Programs

Thinkshop, Lifelong Learning

Highlights from the course at Thames International College. Students share the value of their encounters with literature and subsequent insights.

The Laramie Project educational program

Highlights from the educational outreach program that aimed to sensitize students regarding LGBTIQ issues.